Air Purifier&Ozone Sterilizer
Please offer pantone color,we will do it as your wish
  • Rated Voltage: AC 220/110 V
  • Power Consumption: ≤20Watt
  • Anion Output: ≥ 6.0X106 /cm³
  • Ozone Output: 600mg/h
  • Applicable Area: 50m²
  • Dimension: 48.20×28.00×14.20cm
  • Weight: 3.40kg
  • Touch screen design, ozone and anion double function.
  • Anion can not only contribute to the human body synthesis and storage vitamin, strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body. Be thought of it like the vitamin from food to human body, and has a very important impact to other biological life activity
  • Ozone is acknowledged broad spectrum efficient disinfectant in the world, extremely easy decomposition, and has a strong oxidizing function. It can quickly kill the bacterium in air, without any toxic residues, and won’t form a secondary pollution, is known as "the most clean antioxidant and disinfectant".
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